Duration - 7 hours

Self-guided Round Tour

Tour starts at Bergen Railway Station 9.50 am

Avaiable all year

NOK 2300


Bergen Railway, Bergen - Voss - Bergen

Voss Gondol, Voss - Mount Hanguren - Voss

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Bergen Railway

Voss Gondol

Mount Hanguren Panorama view

Voss Town

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This tour starts from Bergen Railway Station and a train ride on the Bergen Line to Voss. The 1 hour train journey takes you through beautiful scenery along fjords, rivers, lakes, mountains and farms.


Leave the train in Voss and enter the newest attraction here, the Voss Gondol, (opened in July 2019) that takes you from the train station and up to Mount Hanguren (820 meters above sea level (2500 ft) in less than 9 minutes. At the top you will have a panoramic view to many of the mountains surrounding the town of Voss.

Hiking at Hanguren Panorama 

This round tour starts just outside the top station at Hangurstoppen. This is an easy walk that is suitable for all ages and levels, and you can even bring a stroller. The trail is around 800 meter (2400 ft) and offers beautiful panoramic view of Voss’ mountains, lakes and part of the town centre. You'll also find a variety of activities here - in the summertime it is popular to go hiking, biking, paragliding or rappelling. In the winter the gondola takes you to the big ski resort, Voss Resort, where you can have fun in the snow all day.

At the top station of the gondol you'll also find Hangurstoppen Restaurant. The restaurant has room for 450 people and serves cold and warm dishes made from local ingredients. 

In Voss you are greeted by snowy mountain tops, valleys and rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The village, home to around 14,000 inhabitants, is located in-between the famous fjords of Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord and offer outdoor adventures all year round. It’s not a coincidence that Voss has a world-renowned reputation as Norway’s adventure capital. For nearly 200 years the village has been welcoming visitors looking for adventures. The village centre is situated approximately 57 metres above sea level, and many people are surprised to find themselves surrounded by mountains. Throughout the year Voss hosts a range of events that have become well-known nationally as well as internationally, such as Vossa Jazz and the Extreme Sports Week.

The train back to Bergen leaves Voss Railway Station at 3.58 pm, and the tour ends in Bergen 5.00 pm.

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